“The times … they are a changin’.”  This statement carries more weight today than it ever has. Rapid advancements in technology are changing the way people receive information, leaving business owners to strive to find the best and most cost effective way to keep their business in front of their customers while attracting new customers.

EverythingCokeCounty.com, through their partnership with The Observer/Enterprise, provides an avenue for businesses to reach all demographic groups in Coke County, from the older generations who count on the traditional newspaper delivery to the younger folks who are never more than a step away from their smart phones!

Everything Coke County is the only web site and mobile site needed to keep up with all of the activities in Coke County. Information is only a touch away on all government entities – minutes, directors, meeting times; schools – scores, schedules, awards and menus; events – pictures, dates, and details; churches, organizations and businesses. Social networking online (like Facebook) can be a great source for information. However, algorithms are used to determine what posts will be seen in the newsfeed of users and many posts do not reach the desired audience. There is no guarantee a post will be seen on these sites. With EverythingCokeCounty.com, every page is available 24/7 to everyone!

Everything Coke County provides a price point enabling every business to target the shoppers of Coke County! Many of the residents of Coke County work and shop in the larger cities. By advertising on their community's site, you keep your business on their minds while developing a loyalty to your business. Make sure your business is the one with which they choose to spend their shopping dollars. Advertising space is located on every page of the site and starts as low as $50 per month for a business card size advertisement.

Everything Coke County’s Commercial Package provides your business will be the only advertiser on a page and includes a commercial produced for your business by a professional videographer. Your business will also receive their own web page with the commercial, a picture of your business, location and contact information and a description of the services or products it offers. This service is perfect for businesses currently lacking a presence on the internet, EverythingCokeCounty.com provides these businesses with a web page updated and maintained by Everything Our Town personnel at no additional charge. The first month’s fee of $200 covers the production charge. Each month thereafter is $100.

Everything Coke County also offers Sponsorship Packages for businesses who wish to be associated with a group of pages pertaining to one subject, i.e. a school or organization’s section.

Everything Coke County promises to work with every business owner to find the perfect program for their individual needs! Call us today!

For more information, contact Melinda McCutchen at (325) 473-8863 or
Morgan Brigham at (325) 277-9210 or everythingcokecounty@gmail.com.

EverythingCokeCounty.com is a division of Everything Our Town.