“The times … they are a changin’.”  This statement carries more weight today than it ever has. Rapid advancements in technology are changing the way people receive information. This means people (especially parents of school age children) must check multiple websites, Facebook pages, and other items to find schedules and information on the numerous activities occurring each week.

Everything Coke County is the only web site and mobile site needed to keep up with all of the activities in Coke County. Information is only a touch away on all government entities – minutes, directors, meeting times; schools – scores, schedules, awards and menus; events – pictures, dates, and details; churches, organizations and business directories for both Bronte and Robert Lee. Every business is listed in these directories. A special feature of EverythingCokeCounty.com is the "Week at a Glance" located on the home page. This lists every activity happening each day of the current week and the next - county wide! Social networking online (like Facebook) can be a great source for information. However, algorithms are used to determine what posts will be seen in the newsfeed of users and many posts do not reach the desired audience. There is no guarantee a post will be seen on these sites. With EverythingCokeCounty.com, every page is available 24/7 to everyone!

EverythingCokeCounty.com is User Friendly! There is a full desk top version for your computer or laptop, but the mobile site works just like an app and is even easier to add to your phone!
You can put it right on the Home Screen of your iPhone or Android
and never forget an event or activity in Coke County again!

Step 1
Use your browser (Safari, etc.) and go to EverythingCokeCounty.com.  

Step 2
For iPhones - Touch the symbol in the middle at the bottom of the screen.
For Androids - Touch the symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3
Choose the "Add to Home Screen" option.

Step 4
When it asks what to call it, type in "Everything Coke County".  

Step 5
Touch the Add button! It's just that simple and easy!

You're done and will have all the information you need with one touch of your finger!

For more information, contact Melinda McCutchen at (325) 473-8863 or
Morgan Brigham at (325) 277-9210 or everythingcokecounty@gmail.com.

EverythingCokeCounty.com is a division of Everything Our Town.